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Does it matter what time of day you consume your calories?

I usually hear people said that having a big meal in the morning is the healthy or having 5 to 6 small meals a day. But I also hear others said that it doesn't matter when you have your meals, as long as you have enough calories intake in one day. What's your opinion on this?

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Samantha Attard
Samantha Attard  replied:
Great question. Some people would say no - a calorie is a calorie whether you have it at 9am or 9pm. That being said, there are different times of day when it's better to have a larger meal than others.
So many of us are counting calories all day and end up eating only a small amount through most of the day, and then have to have a huge meal in the evening because we're so hungry. 
What's better is to focus your calories earlier in the day. Eat a filling breakfast and a satisfying lunch - that's what's going to give you the energy to be productive and effective throughout your day. In the evening, you can eat a little less - it will help your body start to relax, and you'll sleep better without a full belly! 
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