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I saw from your profile that you did studies concerning the causes of diabetes. I currently have diabetes 2 and would like to know some of the more healthy juice options for me...I love to have some sort of juice everyday, but I find that they do contain more sugar than I am allowed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Samantha Attard
Samantha Attard  replied:
I'm sorry to hear about your diabetes.
All fruit juices are going to have a certain amount of carbs in them, so my three main recommendations are:
  1. Limit your portions - 4-6 oz of juice can be a delightful treat, and will limit the number of carbohydrates in your drink.
  2. Choose 100% juice - you'll get better flavor for the amount that you're drinking versus the juices with added sugars.
  3. Water it down - if you're drinking 100% juice like you get from Naked, you'll also notice that they're really thick and sweet. Water your juice down (start small and figure out what ratio of juice to water still tastes good to you), so you can still enjoy your morning ritual without overloading on the sugar!
Also, make sure you're drinking your juice as part of a full meal, rather than on it's own. By making sure you have protein and fat that you're consuming in addition to the juice, you'll slow down your absorption of the sugar into your blood stream.