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If people can develop diabetes as they get older due to poor diet, can they get their bodies back on track and "undevelop" it as well?

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John Lamberson
John Lamberson  replied:

Great question.  But, diabetes is not a result of poor dietary habits alone.  Lack of exercise, weight gain and genetics play a part in the development of diabetes.  Keep in mind, many people that are diagnosed with diabetes today may have had it undetected for years.  The longer you have gone with undetected diabetes, the more at risk you are for developing other health issues, like heart disease, kidney disease and ciruclatory problems.  Unfortunately, "high" blood sugars don't have to be that high to cause these problems.  

We never really say that you are "cured" from diabetes.  Instead, we say you can manage it better.  Improving meal plans, increasing exercise, and following healthier lifestyle patterns will all help to provide you with overall better health.  We do try to help people control their blood sugars through diet and exercise only, if possible. Regardless of if you have diabetes or not, following the lifestyle designed for a person with diabetes can provide you with a great way to live healthier! So, pretend like you have diabetes and adopt the healthy diabetes lifestyle and improve your health.