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What 2 new years resolutions would you recommend for everyone seeking to improve wellness in 2017?

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Shirley Michl
Shirley Michl  replied:
My first suggestion is to not set resolutions! Radical thought. Because most of us often set unrealistic goals and then quickly fall off and feel badly. Instead I recommend setting one or two reasonable self-care promises to yourself. One that I find is so valuable is to think of a positive thought as soon as you wake up. Examples: I can relax and be present; I accept myself - completely; I believe in myself; I am letting go of negativity... Second, schedule...yes, put it in your calendar, 5-15 minutes in your day for self-care. That may be to drink a fruit/vegetable juice, drink one additional glass of water, walk more, consciously breathe, or even take 1 class you've promised yourself. Just taking five minutes to focus on doing something good reaps wonderful rewards. Another healthy tip is to think about what you are grateful for when you go to bed at night. These are all focused on total wellness in mind, body, and spirit. I'm available to talk through this - just schedule a time!