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What are your thoughts around a Gluten Free Diet--is this a FAD or does it have benefits? Thank you!

Would love to hear your thoughts on pro/cons of a Gluten-Free diet for those not necessarily gluten intolerant.  Thanks, Sam!

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Samantha Attard
Samantha Attard  replied:
Gluten free is definitely not JUST a fad, even though it's particularly popular right now.
Gluten is a protein that indeed causes irritation and inflammation in a lot of people. It's particularly detrimental for people who are actually sensitive to other foods like dairy or peanuts, or who have otherwise damaged their small intestines by years of too much processed food, sugar, and alcohol. 
For many people, a gluten free diet may be needed for a few months to allow their intestines and stomachs heal and get strong. Then, they can reintroduce gluten without the symptoms. 
Signs you may be gluten sensitive include gas and bloating after eating, inflamed or dry skin, and excessive fatigue. Also, if you have PCOS, diabetes, or an underactive thyroid, gluten free might be great plan for you. 
If you have any of these symptoms or conditions, make sure you work with a health coach or other professional to help you eliminate gluten from your diet and determine if your symptoms get better.
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