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What do the eastern traditions you study contribute to our typical Western perspective of living a healthy life?

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Samantha Attard
Samantha Attard  replied:
There are a few major benefits of the eastern traditions for our Western perspective.
First, Ayurveda (the Indian system of medicine) and Traditional Chinese Medicine focus on prevention. They acknowledge that health is really a state of balance, and that going too far in any one direction can bring about disease. Thus, in these traditions, you're constantly trying to maintain balance, rather than waiting until you get a diagnosis, and then trying to fix the issues. 
Second, these Eastern traditions recognize the role of the individual. Rather than assuming that each person needs the exact same prescription or plan for health, these traditions formulate unique, personalized solutions to health issues. They look at the person, not just the symptoms.
Third, Eastern traditions recognize that what you eat affects your stress, work, and relationships. Everything is connected, and as a result, we look much more at the connections between different areas of your life, rather than haphazardly trying to fix different complaints. 
Together, Eastern traditions provide a more holistic picture of wellbeing than the West does, and incorporating these traditions as I do in my coaching practice help you discover and address the root of your health issues, rather than trying to apply band-aid solutions to the symptoms you present with.