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What's your favorite healthy food and what's your favorite cheat food?

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Samantha Attard
Samantha Attard  replied:
If we're doing this by the amount I consume - it would have to be almonds. I always have a container of almonds for a quick snack when I'm on the go, love almond butter, almond flour, and slivered almonds in my breakfast. I'm a little obsessed!
I don't really consider any foods "cheat" foods... at this point, I know for myself that some foods simply don't make my body feel good, and that's what I use to decide if I want to eat it. That being said, if there was one food that doesn't make my body feel good, but I indulge in on occasion...it'd be an apple fritter from my favorite bakery. It's about the size of my head, and filled with cinnamon-y apple pieces. I truly enjoy when I get to eat it!
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