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What sparked your interest in Vinyasa yoga?

... and how does Vinyasa yoga differ from "regular" yoga, hot yoga, or any of the other types of yoga that are out there?

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Samantha Attard
Samantha Attard  replied:
I originally got interested in Vinyasa yoga back in high school. We would do yoga classes around exam time, and I loved the power and strength of the poses.
As I continued to practice yoga, I found Vinyasa yoga and fell in love - Vinyasa yoga moves faster and emphasizes a connection between breath and movement. That connection really allows you to get into a flow, a rhythm that lets your worries and stress go.
I love that Vinyasa yoga is a vigorous, physical practice, but also takes time for quiet stretching and relaxation. It moves faster than Hatha or Iyengar yoga, but is not as rigid as Bikram or Ashtanga. There are different sequences in every class, so you never get bored!


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