Dianne Sayegh Niklaus

Founder, DiYan MindBodyHome, LLC - Integrative Health and Home Resources

Duke University-trained Integrative Health Coach, Interior Designer and EarthHome Feng Shui Consultant, I am committed to helping others achieve an authentic, healthy and fulfilled state of being in mind, body and home.

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While health is generally considered from the 'inside-out', the impact of our external environment on mind-body wellness is as vital as the food we eat. Through my personal career journey, which crosses the fields of creative marketing, residential interior design, and integrative health coaching, I have acquired valuable insight and unique skills to help my clients recognize, transform and release aspects of  life where they might be "stuck", such as unhealthy behaviors, cluttered living spaces, stagnant career or relationships. As physical extensions of our bodies, our homes are meant to serve as a nurturing 'buffer zone' to support, promote and restore our optimal well being. When the physical environment is given its fair share of attention along with the mind and the body in our quest for optimal health,  the quality and benefits of other aspects of our lives are greatly maximized and sustained.

Over a decade of living and working in Japan have influenced my creative and spatial aesthetic, attention to the inter-connnectedness of things, and instilled a deep respect for complementary and alternative medicine and the body's self-healing capacity. My personal growth journey continues to be an evolving adventure of exploration, learning and discovery that is inspired, expanded and fulfilled as I partner with my clients to ahieve the lifestyle and behavior changes necessary to realize their own unique path to a vibrant, healthy life.


I wish you well.



diYan mind body home, LLC




January - present

Dianne received her BA in Art History/Asian Studies from the University of Rochester, and a certification from the Boston University Public Communications Institute. She is fluent in Japanese, and has held marketing positions in the fashion & beauty industries in the US, Asia and Europe with companies such as Swatch, Estee Lauder, and Clairol. She is the co-founder of Private Eye Design, an interior design firm based in Greenwich, CT, a graduate of the Duke Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Program, and certified in the EarthHome School of Feng Shui. 





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