Kimberley Weir

Duke IM Trained Integrative Health Coach - Thyroid & Adrenal Fatigue

Focused on women's health and lifestyle changes for improved thyroid and adrenal health.

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thyroid hashimoto's adrenal fatigue chronic fatigue depression anxiety autoimmune stress reduction mindfulness


Kimberley Weir is a Duke IM trained Integrative Health Coach.  Her personal experience with a health care crisis and her subsequent healing through integrative medicine has led her to become a health coach.  She is passionate about working with women who are looking to make healthy lifestyle behavior changes to prevent or heal from chronic disease.  Her approach to health is a holistic one using the Duke Wheel of Health. She focuses her coaching in areas of self-care such as nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, mind/body connection, sleep & rest, personal & professional development, spirituality/purpose in life, physical environment, and relationships.  All of these things are connected and need to be in balance or it will affect one’s health and quality of life.

Kimberley attended Duke Integrative Medicine’s courses on integrative health coaching including both the foundations course and the certification level course. Kimberley also has a BS degree from Babson College in Business Administration with double major in marketing & communications. Babson is the nation’s only “A” ranked school in Money’s list of top 5 colleges and is known internationally for excellence in the field of entrepreneurship.

Kimberley has launched her own private practice and is the owner of Live Well Integrative Health Coaching. She offers individual and group coaching as well as workshops. She meets with clients either remotely or locally at The Center for the Healing Arts in Richfield, Ohio.

Her aspiration is to help others be empowered to make the lifestyle changes necessary to heal from or avoid chronic disease. She has particular interest in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety.



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